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The Bird-safe Glass Foundation is a clearing house for information on bird-friendly building practices.



Collidescape at Cape May College Collidescape at Cape May College


The American Bird Conservancy has launched a new campaign, "Bird-Smart Glass" to promote the use of effective products for reducing bird collisions. Over 20 products, for homes as well as comercial applications, have been included in their list so far. 



Working to Reduce the Threat of Glass

A recent analysis by scientists at the Smithsonian Institute's Migratory Bird Center estimated that between 365 million and 899 million birds die at windows every year in the United States. For nearly a decade, the Bird-safe Glass Foundation has worked to solve this problem by engaging scientists, architects and glass manufacturers to spur development of new products.

Collision Victim: American Redstart. photo (c) Stephanie Beard, Creative Commons License

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